The iPhone 14 — the rumors and leaks so far

The iPhone 14 — the rumors and leaks so far

iPhone 14 latest rumors

  • A new iPhone 14 Pro specs leak has tipped the display size, processor, storage and more. Plus a $100 price hike. 
  • The standard iPhone 14 models might finally get high refresh rate displays. 
  • Apple is reportedly putting plans in place to avoid iPhone 14 stock shortages. 
  • The iPhone 14 will probably use a familiar 5G modem, but next year Apple could be bringing in its own modem design for cheaper, more tailored connectivity.

iPhone 14 possible release date and price

We’ve heard no hint on a potential release date for the iPhone 14. But going by previous Apple iPhone launch events, we’d expect to see the iPhone 14 make its debut in September 2022.

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